I have an issue with including a file accross my web server from a 
separate site on that server served on another port.

- explanation

my php website runs off IIS port :80 (unfortunately IIS is employers 
decision not mine )
- I have a web spider running off port :9999
both which operate independent of eachother and serve content separately ..

I am within a secure firewall (a university)

the network administration is understandably cautious about microsoft 
security and has now blocked all ports but :80 on IIS machines ...

- outcome

i cannot serve web content from port :9999
however the spider cannot run simultaneously to IIS on the same port..

- proposed solution ..

to use include("http://localhost:9999/spider/index.html?query=ihateIIS";)

outcome - blank screen, headache from staring at screen too long ..


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