Hi there,

I installed PHP 4.0.6 on a Windows 2000 machine running Apache 1.3.22.
I followed all the instructions for installation - added the php.ini file 
to the C:\winnt directory, added php to httpd.conf. I tried both the module 
and the CGI versions and the following problem still persisted:
Whenever I try to use the mail() function to send a an e-mail with a single 
file attachment, I receive a server error.

If I set the SMTP variable in php.ini to localhost (where I am running an 
SMTP server) , I receive a PHP error and Apache logs a 'Premature end of 
script headers: C:/php/php.exe' error.
If my SMTP variable is set to either a remote host, php reports in the next 
browser window of a server error at the line containing the mail() function 

Do I have a permissions issue with any of my files or directories? I did 
not know how to set the IUSR_MachineName permissions as described in the 
instructions. Do I need to create such a user? where do I find it if it exists?

Thanks for any response,


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