It may be possible to do something of the following:

I know that on rollovers, Javascript can preload the images needed to 
rollover to...  Hmm...  Maybe you could have javascript load an image 
during the unload event with the image's src pointing to a php script...

-Jason Garber

At 04:51 PM 10/24/2001 +1000, Martin Towell wrote:
> From what I can tell, the only way you can execute a PHP script is to have
>the browser request it. This means using the same window that the document
>is being "unloaded" in, or opening a new window.
>You could open a new window, give focus to the current window, and in the
>new window, have it close itself after it's finished processing.
>Hope this helps.
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>Hi everyone,
>I can use javascripts onunload to run PHP file with a new window.
>Is there anyway i can run PHP script file on ONUNLOAD with out opening a new
>window ( in the back ground).
>Any one's help will be greatly appreciated.
>Best regards,
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