I configured PHP 4.0.5 with the --with-custom-odbc option.

I get no errors but the odbc functions are not available.

When I look at phpinfo() I can see that the configure command is:

'./configure' '--with-mysql' '--with-apache=../apache_1.3.19'

Is --with-custom-odbc ignored? Any ideas?

I did set CUSTOM_ODBC_LIBS and CFLAGS and created a odbc.h include file:

[/root] echo $CUSTOM_ODBC_LIBS
-L/progress/dlc91/odbc/lib -lodbc -lodbcinst
[/root] echo $CFLAGS
-I/progress/dlc91/odbc/include -I/usr/local/src/apache_1.3.19/include
[/root] echo $LDFLAGS

[/root] cat /progress/dlc91/odbc/include/odbc.h
#include <sql.h>
#include <sqlext.h>
#include <odbcinst.h>

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