Hi all.  
With php version 4.0.1, I made a database class. I use a function called 
connect() to open database connection to mysql, and the link resource is 
stored in $GLOBALS["CONNETION_ID"] global variable. All of code work 
perfectly, with no any problems..
        But when I upgraded to php version 4.0.6, the code wasn't work at all. The 
error returned is 

Warning: 1 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in 
/usr/local/apache/htdocs/Produtora/manole/config/site/database.class.php on 
line 190

the line 190, in this case, is just

$data = mysql_query($sql, $GLOBALS["CONNECTION_ID"])

it is the same code that works with php 4.0.1,,  The link resource is valid ( 
at least I think that ), because when I do


the return is

Resource id #1

does anyone knows the problem???

thanks anyway,
Rafael Steil

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