Not coming from a programming background, I'm going to have difficulty
explaining this one... :)

I would like to handle an entire application through one object, which in
turn contains objects. I only recently "got" classes though, and I don't
fully understand if what I want to do is possible, or if I'm going about it
the wrong way. Consider:


// All of these will be in separate files.
// The first two are separated simply because
// I want to keep my include files small.

class Config {
        // Base config class.
        // Just contains data.

class Core extends Config {
        // Base application class.
        // Just contains methods.

class Error {
        // Error handler.

class DB {
        // Database handler.


Tying the first two together is no problem, I can just extend the Config
class. However I would like to incorporate the third and fourth as objects
inside the main object:


// In fact these would be instantiated (is that the
// right word?) inside the Core class.

$Core        = new Core;
$Core->Error = new Error;
$Core->DB    = new DB


This is fine when working in the main application, or in the $Core object,
but where I get stuck is with communication between the $Core->Error and
$Core->DB objects. Say for example that within the DB class I encountered an
error, and wanted to talk to the Error object - I /could/ do this:


class DB {

        var $Error;

        function DB() {
                global $Core;
                $this->Error = $Core->Error;



But if I extend the application later and add a bunch of new classes, it
means I have to do the same for each object I add. I get the impression that
I might be able to do this with references, but I can't get a handle on them
for the life of me. Can someone explain?

Sorry for the lengthy post.


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