NS6.1 remembers the items that were selected in a SELECT list when I call
the same page back with a header() function... normally this wouldn't be a
problem -- however, in my case, I am (through PHP) printing all selected
items to the top of the list, and all unselected items to the bottom -- this
has the effect of showing all the users (right up front / top) all the
selections they've made without having to scroll through the entire list --

Now, in NS4.x and IE5.x this functionality works fine.  But in NS6.1 the
items are pushed to the top alright, however, they aren't highlighted (ie.
selected) -- looking at the source for the page, the SELECTED statement is
in the <option> tag (as I said, it works fine in everything but NS6.1 :-) )

Through playing around, I discovered that with NS6.1 -- this is the result
of the FORM NAME (ie. name="frmWhatever") -- I appended a random number at
the end of the FORM NAME each time I pressed the submit button and the page
was called back through a header() function.  This seemed to fix the problem
(ie. the items in the select list that were suppose to be selected,
were!) -- however, all other items on my forms lost their data (again, only
in NS6.1) -- so, if nothing else, I at least discovered that the FORM NAME
plays a roll in this dysfunctionality.

Now I ask you -- the great pool of knowledge -- any suggestions on how I can
get NS6.1 forms to behave?


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