Hey man, when I ask you how is 2+2 you will answer -> 4 but when I ask you 
how is 2*3.141596535 you use a calculator. In both cases I speak with 
you(make a connection). In the first case you don't need to use calc because 
you don't have to use it.
PHP and Mysql are two standalone apps and when PHP wants to communicate with 
mysql a connection is needed.

On Thursday 25 October 2001 06:50 am, you wrote:
> SELECT 1+1 doesn't really need a connection...
> or any other statments that doesn't address a table or database,
> SELECT SUBSTRING('test', 1, 2);
> etc etc..
> I guess it is not possible though...
> "Kodrik" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > > how can i issue such statments w/o opening a connection?
> >
> > I you don't open a connection, how is mysql supposed to know which db you
> are
> > talking to?

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