> hmm...weird! is that the code?
> if you show us your real code...maybe you're missing a small detail...
Sorry about the variable names... I can print the variable inside the
function until it goes through ereg_replace. Then it's gone. The code works
fine if I replace the line '$song = $id3info["TIT2"]["data"];' with '$song =
"some text string";' Since it's getting the variables value from an included
file's functions that return and assoc. array... it's a bit confusing. I
everything is fine up till the built-in function (inside my function) is
called. Weird is right...


function RemoveSpaces($shittoreplace)
    // Removes spaces and other characters that could cause problems.
    $shittoreplace = ereg_replace(" ", "_", "$shittoreplace");
    return $shittoreplace;

$id3info = (getID3("music.mp3"));
$song = $id3info["TIT2"]["data"];
$newsong = RemoveSpaces("$song");

echo "$newsong";


>> I'm assigning a variable a value from an associative array.
>> $variable = $array["key"]["value"];
>> Then passing the $variable to a function.
>> SomeFunction($variable)
>> The variable exists (can be printed) until a built-in function (within the
>> original function) is called.
>> echo "$variable"; //prints out fine
>> $variable2 = ereg_replace(" ", "_", "$variable");
>> echo "$variable"; //prints out NOTHING...
>> Why is this and how can I get around it?

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