I'm writing an app that will be avaiable for the world to download and put
on theri web sites.

There will be a web-based form for them to customize the program on their
site.  This will record some basic variables like the filename for their
site logo, what fonts they want to use in certain areas, etc...

I've thought of 3 ways to this, but none seem perfect...

1. Have the script write a .php file that simply contains all of these
variables.  This file would be included in all the other scripts.

Would have to create a directory with WORLD WRITE permissions.
File would be owned by "web" or some other server-user preventing manual
work to the file.  Yes, I could use CHOWN to the user's name, but then the
interface wouldn't be able to write over it in the future.  I could CHMOD
it, but wouldn't that allow the world to fiddle with it???

2. Have the script display the PHP code and the user would copy it form teh
browser, paste it into their text editor, save it, then upload it.

Lame, lots of room for potential user error.

3. Have the script store the variables in a MySQL table and each script
would query that table for the data.

That seems like A LOT of MySQL queries to run.  Would it be a noticeable
resource hog??

Thanks for your advice!
-Jeff Gannaway

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