1. Just re-compile with the same options as before, just without 
--with-apxs or --with-apache (however you did it before). Run make all 
install and a php binary should be installed in $PREFIX/bin (default: 
/usr/local/bin). Then to use it to run shell scripts, put 
#!/usr/local/bin/php -q at the top of every php shell script.

2. Nothing wrong with that at all, as long as the process doesn't take 
longer than 5 minutes to execute ;)


Arnold Gamboa wrote:

>Hi there.
>Need your help / comments on this couple of issues.
>1. I already have a php compiled in apache module running.. How can i
>install a cgi version that will also support mysql/postgresql/interbase (as
>it was also supported on the compiled version)
>2. If I'll be running a cron job calling a php script that access mysql and
>reads data EVERY 5 MINS, will i exhaust my box's resources?  That is the
>best /safest thing i have in mind in as far as doing an email account
>manipulation on the linux box. Any idea is also appreciated.
>Thanks.. Mabuhay!
>Arnold Gamboa
>Pres., Managing Dir.
>SparrowInteractive.com, Inc.
>(63) 2 -  532-5373 / 532-5387
>"He chose the nails"

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