If this script is running as nobody, or some other low-class user, and the
permissions on the directory in which you are attempting to create a
sub-directory do not allow the creation of the sub-directory by this user,
then mkdir will fail.

Say your script resides in 'php-stuff' with permissions 755 and the
owner/group is chuck/chuck.  No one but owner chuck (and root) will be able
to create a directory in this directory.  According to your script, you are
trying to create 'php-stuff/Pins', which is disallowed to 'nobody', the
typical user of web-based PHP scripts.


At 10:08 AM -0700 10/25/01, Jeff Gannaway wrote:
>$GalleryPHPName = "Pins";
>mkdir ("../$GalleryPHPName", "0775");
>Results in...
>MkDir failed (Permission denied)
>Any thoughts?
>-Jeff Gannaway
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