Hello list,

Simple Enough Objective: store file remotely (wu-ftp);
MinorSnag: PHP's ftp-functions unavailable at localhost;
BelowWorkaround: works fine for deleting remote file;
MajorSnag: how to STORE a file remotely using socket?

$ftp=fsockopen("ftp.server.com", 21, $errno, $errstr, 60);
if (!$ftp) {
 echo "Connection failed: $errstr ($errno)";
else {
 socket_set_blocking($ftp, true);
 echo fgets($ftp,255);
 fputs($ftp,"USER ftp_username\r\n");
 echo fgets($ftp,255);
 fputs($ftp,"PASS ftp_passw\r\n");
 echo fgets($ftp,255);
 fputs($ftp,"DELE /home/httpd/html/test.htm\r\n");
 echo fgets($ftp,255);
 echo fgets($ftp,255);

BTW: I also messed with fopen("ftp://user:pass@...";)
but failed miserably (although it seemed possible before
my mind wandered off).

ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED (using socket, fopen, ...)

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