I'm not sure if you can...  What I usually do is do a query to see if
there's already an entry there, and display an error message if there is.
Another thing to you can do is allow duplicate entries, and use the DISTINCT
option in the SELECT statement.  This wouldnt be as efficient, so i'd try
the query check first.  If there is a way to disallow duplicates, i'd love
to know.


"Jeff Gannaway" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Does anyone know how to set a column in a MySQL table to disallow any
> duplicate entries.
> I've already got a PRIMARY KEY defined for this table.  I tried setting
> other field to a MUL KEY, hoping that it would not permit duplicates, but
> it does.
> I've searched the MySQL docs without success. I wish their site was a good
> as PHP.net.
> Later,
> Jeff Ganaway
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