> "John A. Grant" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > I've installed ActivePerl, which gives me a way to run .pl files,
> > i.e. :
> >     c:\> perl someprogram.pl
> >
> > Does the Win32 php installation give me a command-line
> > interpreter like that?
>     [...]
>     No replies. I guess not, just server-based... :(

=maybe we're all hoping someone intelligent will pipe up, so we call all learn!?

=I can fire up a DOS box (WinNT 4.0), navigate to the bin sub-directory and run PHP 
with a script as an argument.

=However as PHP is 'built' to output HTML and the DOS box is no web browser... you'd 
need to be using pure ASCII output!

=give it a go Jo!


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