Question 2:
you'll notice the 4th parameter to mail() is the headers to send. You can
use something like:
"From: Name <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\r\n"
"From: Name <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\r\nReply-To: Name <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\r\n"
(can't remember if this the right format for the name/email address, but
those are the header fields to use...)

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Subject: [PHP] Help, need the scripts of processing the to-be-confirmed

I need to some help about example scripts on:
Question 1:
How to process the confirmation email by clicking the url given in the email
and by replying the email.

Question 2:
I know if using mail(), the "From" field of the mail sent out is always the
web host server's mail sendout server,
not from my own email box. How to send out the email which looks like
sending out from my own email box.
Question 3:
How to let MYSQL automatically delete the unactivated signups?


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