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Date: Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 03:18:33AM -0400
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> Let s say i have 5 pages on my site. I want some content to appear on each
> page so that when i want to change that content on all the pages i have only
> one place to modify. I used to write that content in a .txt file and having
> it read each time any of the 5 pages was loaded. So i had to modify the code
> only in the .txt file. It was working good but the code in the .txt file
> could not be PHP because it would not be processed when loaded by the other
> pages. There s probably a better way of doing it. Like a page can probably
> include another page that itself include another one.
> Any help would be great
> Thx

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You can use a <FRAMESET>, depending on the layout of your page. Or
you can use some templating stuff (check the archives, these have
been discussed several times).

But you can also take a look in reversing what you're doing. I mean;
instead of trying to get the changing part out, you can also get the
'static' part out of you page. Then you can use that by calling
require[_once] ("header.php") or something like that. Or you could
use the auto_prepend and auto_append.



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