I'd like to create an array of "available resources", and be able to
check it every time.  What I'd like to do is something like;

    $site = array( "section1" => #, "section2" => #, etc.. )

    where "section*" is a STRING variable and # is an INT  (if it's even
possible to do that)

    Once I have this setup properly, I'm going to have a routine that
extracts data from PATH_INFO, namely '$section' and '$page' which should
then be checked against the array:

    - if $section exists in the array
       - if $page is less or equal to the INT value in that $section
         do something with $page (or just break out of the routine)
       - else
         default to 1 (and break out)
    - else
      default to something like main, or whatever, and set $page to 1

    These values will then be used in a template to read in the proper
files through <? include $section$page."inc"; ?>

    I don't know whether I can create an array of STR => INT values, and
I don't know where to start with the function needed to traverse that
array once I have information from PATH_INFO (of course, this is
depending on PATH_INFO even passing along valid information)

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