I am looking through the documentation and archives and have been unable
to find anything about my problem, which is:

Installing php-4.0.6 on alpha OSF1 v5.1

./configure  --with-apache=../apache_1.3.22
--with-imap=/usr/local/src/imap-4.7 --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql
--with-gd=/usr/local/src/gd-1.8.4 --with-mm=/usr/local/src/mm


cc: Error: scanf.h, line 48: There is no definition for the inline
function named scan_set_error_return in this compilation unit. (noinlfunc)
inline void scan_set_error_return(int numVars,pval **return_value);

I cannot find any references to this type of error, so any help or ideas
are greatly appreciated. I can also send out my config.log file to anyone
if they want.

Thanks in advance,
thomas holton


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