Andy wrote:

> I heared that search engines are not following things after the question
> mark. Now I looked arround and noticed, that some sites yust have numbers
> behind the .php extension. How does this work? Can anybody make an example
> and list advantages and disadvantages?

    Search engines don't normally reach anything on a query string (whatever's
after a ? ).  So, if you're passing variables from one page to another, you
can use a spider-friendly method by changing your URL from something like
http://host/script?var1=1&var2=2 to something like http://host/script/1/2.
Then you can extract the variables through the $PATH_INFO variable.

    This was discussed a while back when I posted this same question.  Look
through the archives and search for subject topic "Submitting variables via

    You may also want to read the following article:

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