First.. here's the synopsis of what I'm trying to do:

I'm working on a site where everything is based off a really simple template
system I'm using, see the chunk of my index page that deals with the plates
for example:

$tmpl_file = fopen ("./template.htm", "r");
$tmpl = fread($tmpl_file,16000);
$tmpl = str_replace("{title}", "$title", $tmpl);
$tmpl = str_replace("{header}", "$header", $tmpl);
$tmpl = str_replace("{header_url}", "$header_url", $tmpl);
$tmpl = str_replace("{header_home}", "$header_home", $tmpl);
$tmpl = str_replace("{header_cat}", "$header_cat", $tmpl);
$tmpl = str_replace("{header_caturl}", "$header_caturl", $tmpl);
$tmpl = str_replace("{header_title}", "$header_title", $tmpl);
$tmpl = str_replace("{pretext}", "$pretext", $tmpl);
$tmpl = str_replace("{content}", "$content", $tmpl);
$tmpl = str_replace("{content_source}", $page_source, $tmpl);

eval("echo \$tmpl;");

The template file looks like "blah.. blah.. {title}.." the code above then
takes the {blah} tags, and turns them into variables, which are defined in
the actual content pages (which are included (via an include(); function..)

The content files appear as:

$title = "testing";
$content = "etc";

And so on..

My problem is.. that when I do something like

$content = show_source("/path/to/file");
 // or
$content = "Blah.. blah.. ".include("/some/file").".. some more blah..";

It includes the files (or executes the code that is assigned to the
variable), however it all appears OUTSIDE the template. To see what I'm
saying, see or .. that will give you a better
idea as to what I'm saying.

Anyone have any thoughts/explanations as to why this is happening? I can
provide more source.. or info if needed.

Thanks in advance!


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