Hello All,

I'm trying to use php sessions to logout a user that may be sharing a
computer with another user.

In other words. I don't want user1 to access my site and then user2 be
able to access user1's account with an auto login because the session
was saved. 

I've seen a few sites that have a URL or button that a user can click on
such as: "I'm not Joe Smith, please log me out."

This is what I am trying to accomplish. Can someone point me in the right
direction? I have sessions implemented using username and password but, on
my login page since those vars are saved in the session the user
automatically gets logged in.

I also would like to have a checkbox on the login page that, if checked,
doesn't cache the username and password. So if they logout they must enter
a username and password, instead of getting automatically logged in.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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