Hi Ray,

@ 1:56:29 PM on 10/27/2001, Ray Todd Stevens wrote:

> I have been trying to get the php code to compile and can't seem to 
> make this work.  I keep getting an error

> In file included from /usr/include/errno.h:36,
>                  from zend_language_scanner.c:2718:
> /usr/include/bits/errno.h:25: linux/errno.h: No such file or directory

If you already know this, just ignore my babbling.

Sounds like you need the kernel-headers RPM that matches your kernel
version (uname -r) if you're running RedHat/Mandrake/SuSE/? --
assuming you're using RPM.

Install that and try building it again (remove config.cache before you
./configure PHP again).

If that doesn't work..

You can *try* creating a symlink:

% cd /usr/include/bits
% ln -s ../linux linux

To *test* and see if it work OK. I have absolutely NO idea if that
will fsck anything up, so remove the symlink if you start seeing
"weird stuff."

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