Onething I should note.. this doesn't work within a string.

For example:

let's say:
$HTTP_POST_VARS['key']['subkey'] = 'Hello World!';
$HTTP_POST_VARS['key2'] = 'World #2!';

if we do:

echo "key2: $HTTP_POST_VARS[key2]";

The output will be:

key2: World #2!

However, if we do:

echo "key1/subkey: $HTTP_POST_VARS[key1][subkey]";

The output should be:

key1/subkey: Array[subkey]

So what you want to do is:

echo 'key1/subkey: ' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['key1']['subkey'];

Which will get you the desired output of:

key1/subkey: Hello World!


Mike Eheler wrote:

> $HTTP_POST_VARS['middlecasts']['key']['subkey']['wecould']['go_on']['forver']; 
> ;)
> Mike
> Ian Evans wrote:
>> My mind is going blank here and I feel like I'm missing something basic.
>> I have an insert form for movie profiles that takes cast members, 
>> writers and directors and inserts them into the tables for the 
>> correct movieid.
>> In the old version of the script I would repeat the inserting section 
>> of the code three times, once for casts, once for directors and once 
>> for writers. The script checks if the person's first/middle/last name 
>> exists in the
>> people table. If it does it grabs the id number, if it doesn't it 
>> doesn't it inserts it and gets the id number.
>> The peopleid and titleid are then inserted into the appropriate 
>> table. (casts, writers, directors)
>> I decided to streamline the code with a function so that calling 
>> peopleinserter($table,$titleid) would loop
>> through the form variables and insert into the appropriate table. I 
>> can easily grab the results of the $HTTP_POST_VARS but I'm going 
>> blank trying to get the array out of the array.
>> Here's a snippet:
>> function peopleinserter ($table,$titleid) {
>> //$titleid = the titleid from the titles table
>> //$table = the job table e.g. casts, directors, writers
>> global $HTTP_POST_VARS;
>> $firstvar = "first$table"; //if $table = casts it would grab the 
>> firstcasts variables from the form
>> $middlevar = "middle$table";
>> $lastvar = "last$table";
>> while (list ($key, $val) = each ($HTTP_POST_VARS[$lastvar])) {
>> //in this example $lastvar=lastcasts, so it's calling each 
>> ($HTTP_POST_VARS[lastcasts])
>> // if I echo $key $val for this I would get for example "0 Thornton 1 
>> Jolie
>> //end snippet
>> How do I call the key of the firstcasts, middlecasts, lastcasts 
>> arrays so I can do stuff like:
>> $lastcasts[$key] = trim($lastcasts[$key]); and
>> $sql = "SELECT peopleid, first, middle, last FROM people WHERE 
>> first='$firstcasts[$key]' and middle='$middlecasts[$key]' AND 
>> last='$lastcasts[$key]]'";
>> In other words, how do I get those three arrays out of the 
>> HTTP_POST_VARS array?
>> Banging head on desk...

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