Thanks for your help, I've got it working now (I think!). You're right, I
had an echo at the bottom of the included script and I think was loathe to
mess with it since I spent about 12 hours getting that one to work!

I had read the man page for include -- even the example with the return! --
about a hundred times today, but it just didn't make sense in my head even
though I suspected it was related to my problem. This is my first foray into
any kind of programming since I played with Turbo Pascal about 10 years ago,
so I'm fumbling around a bit :)

thanks again,

> What's in ""?  Because, as noted in the manual, an included file
> can have a return value *if you give it one*.  If you have code there
> that's echoing/printing, that will indeed spit out immediately.  The trick
> is to instead capture that output into a variable and return it.

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