I've asked a few questions before on Smarty here and I've worked through
them but this one really has me.

I checked the Smarty lists for answers and couldn't find a clear answer.
Here is my problem.

i want to do something to this effect

{section name=loop_index   loop=$DATA_ARRAY}
    {section name=loop_index2   loop=$INNER_ARRAY[loop_index]}

I basically have an associative array $DATA_ARRAY and I want a second two
dimensional array where the first array index is the subscript of the first
so I basically iterate through the second array within a specific row.

but for the life of me I can't get this properly.

how would I set this up properly during assignment and output?

I believe the above is right for output but what about assignment?

$templ_var->append("INNER_ARRAY", ?????);

I've tried a lot of things but none seem to work...

If anyone of you have any insight it would be greatly appreciated.


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