On Saturday 27 October 2001 23:47, Peter wrote:
> Very easy.
> After I expanded the PhpMyAdmin files in the appropriate directory, 

which is...?
I installed it into /usr/local/apache/htdocs/phpMyAdmin/
is that okay? It doesn't want to work correctly.

> I just
> set the appropriate server name, username and password for SQL server in
> the config.php.inc file


> Then I accessed the directory with my web browser and I was successfully
> in using PHPMyAdmin.
> Peter

I see all the files are name php3 rather than php. When I access the 
index.php3 of course it my browser doesn't know what to do so it asks if I 
want to download it. So I copied it as index.php and then I get all the code 
and not the actual rendered page.  Then I copied all the php3 files to php 
and still get just the code only. The docs are not clear on this stuff. 
Supposedly just install it to the appropriate directory (which is...?), then 
set the user name and password, and away you go. Hmm, not for me. Do I need 
to do something to my httpd.conf so it will know how to handle php3 files? I 
uncommented the appropriate lines so it will handle php3 as well as php, but 
that did no good. I added AddModule lines for php3, still no good. I don't 
know what to try next.
I'm sure it's easier than I make it out to be, but I don't know how to make a 
php3 program work on a php4 system, and the docs don't cover this.

> On Sat, 27 Oct 2001, Chip wrote:
> > I just installed the FreeBSD port for PHPMyAdmin and was reading the docs
> > on the php wizard site but cannot figure out how to actually access the
> > interface. Is it through a particular port like webmin? Can some clue me
> > in please?

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