> ><?php
> >mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "Press Picture Download",
> >"From: $emailadress\n
> >X-Originating-IP: [$REMOTE_ADDR]\n
> >Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n
> >Reply-To: $emailadress\n\n Name: $name\n Company: $company\n Adress:
> >$adress\n Email: $emailadress\n Business: $business\n Send info:
> >$noinfo\n Comments: $comments");
> >?>

You appear to be missing the body argument, which goes between the subject
and header arguments.

Richard Heyes
"The good thing about American-English is that you can arbitrarily make up
words if you're stuck in the middle of a sentence with no way out"

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