In an on-again-off-again desultory style, I keep trying to find the time to study 
template systems - and quite
separately see if I can find a practical use for XML.

The idea of a template system is that the HTML code/presentation of the final view to 
the user/browser, can be
devised/maintained quite separately from the PHP code required to pull data out of the 
db/processing/whatever. Correct?

The systems I've looked at do this by allowing you to put 'tags' into the HTML which 
are subsequently
expanded/replaced with 'real data' by the template processor immediately before 
presentation to the browser.

Now, again broadly speaking, XML allows us to define our own tags, which are 
subsequently ... Correct?

So: when would you use a template system and when would you use XML?
(and thus: on which one should I concentrate my research? )

Any all pointers/references to online information sources will be much appreciated.

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