On Sunday 28 October 2001 20:53, jtjohnston wrote:
> Jokes aside, I still don't get it.


> This works:
>     mysql_pconnect($host,"AccountName","beep");

> Why doesn;'t this?
>      $myconnection = mysql_pconnect($host,$MyTable,$MyPassword);

Compare what arguments you pass. Especially the second one. In the first 
example you supply your account name. That's fine. mysql_pconnect expects 
it in that place.
The second time you use the table name instead of the acctname, so it 
tries to log in with username $MyTable, passwd $MyPassword

And unless you have a very weird setup this will always fail :)

Christian Reiniger
LGDC Webmaster (http://lgdc.sunsite.dk/)

This is JohnC IMHO, I compaired tri-word groupings here and in his plan
and got a good match.

- /. posting discussing the likelihood that an AC post that claimed to be
posted by John Carmack during his honeymoon (and having the login info at
home) was actually from him.

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