I have a function which takes an integer (the id field for a record) and
returns the corresponding full name of the person whose id matches the

The function constructs the full name by querying a table for the row which
matches the id and then concatenating firstname, middlename, and lastname
with a " " (space) between each. The name value is called $name.

Once $name is gotten, it may appear under 2 conditions: as an uneditable
displayed value, or as an editable value appearing on a form in an input
text box. Whenever I simply display the value, it appears correctly, e.g.,
"John Paul Smith".

However, when I display the value in an input text box on a form, only
"John" appears. The odd thing is that when I view source, the full name
appears in the HTML; it just doesn't render that way in IE/Opera.

If I concatenate   instead of " ", the full name appears correctly in
the form field. That's fine but I have an inverse function which takes the
full name and returns the id. This inverse function works when I use " " to
concatenate names but it doesn't work when I use  !

Ugh! What's up with that?

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