Hi Edward,

@ 4:25:53 PM on 10/29/2001, Edward Quick wrote:

> Absolutely nothing.

Don't take this as my assuming you're incompetent. It's just that we
need more information about your system in order to help you.

You wrote:

> I have just installed Apache 1.3.22 but when I load php4.0.6 it
> won't run

Define "load php4.0.6" exactly. Did you build PHP as a DSO
(--with-apxs) or did you build it into httpd (--with-apache)? Did you
install from an RPM?

Assuming Apache is installed in one of the usual places, and assuming
you're on a Unix or Linux system..

What happens when you run:

$ `which apachectl` configtest

Does it say "Syntax OK"?

What do you get when you run:

$ updatedb

followed by:

$ locate libphp4 | grep so

If nothing there, do you see "mod_php4.c" when you run this:

$ `which httpd` -l | grep php

Find your apache error_log, do this:

$ tail -f /path/to/apache/error_log

Then in another shell start apache:

$ `which apachectl` start

Does the "tail" window say anything at _all_?

We need more information..

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