This is a pain with FatCow -- I just went through this myself.

The only method I was finally able to use was to "SELECT ... INTO
OUTFILE" for all my tables; manually recreate the tables using their
MySQL tools; then "LOAD DATA INFILE" for each of the outfiles I had

Overall, their support has been adequate in terms of response time,
but what was annoying about this issue is that they spent more time
trying to explain to me how I should be transferring the data (a
method which wasted approximately two hours of my time) rather than
just helping me import the data.  For the price, I don't care if they
don't offer telnet access, but the least they could do is issue a
mysqlimport command for their customers who are transferring
websites.  Seems like bad business practice to not offer a method of
facilitating data transfer, but what do I know...


At 4:04 PM -0700 10/29/01, RenÚ Fournier wrote:
>Hi All,
>Little problem:  I want to transfer my MySQL database--a collection of 10 or
>so tables, with data--to my Fatcow account.  They provide some lame MySQL
>tools, but nothing to faciliate moving an existing database, full of data,
>to their server.  I tried using MySQL-Front to connect to their server, but
>it was rejected for some reason (their tech support acknowledged that
>MySQL-Front doesn't work with Fatcow (?)).  Can anyone recommend a way for
>me to get my database and data onto Fatcow?  I have asked their Tech
>Support, but they weren't very supportive...
>Much appreciated.
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