It's JavaScript.

PHP is a server-side language and cannot affect anything on the browser itself.

PHP cannot:
1.      Close a browser window
2.      Spawn new windows
3.      Produce pop-up boxes
4.      Do form verification before the form is submitted
5.      Do anything to a page after it is loaded
6.      Disable the back button
7.      Change the right-click menu
8.      Do image roll-overs
9.      Dyanimically refresh a page which is already loaded
10.     Make text blink

All of the above need to be accomplished with JavaScript or regular HTML.

I believe that this is the fourth e-mail to this list that I've seen over 
the past three days that asked how to perform a traditional JavaScript 
function with PHP.  PHP is a great language for back end functionality and 
for creating web pages on the fly, but once a page has been loaded into the 
client browser, PHP loses all control over the page.  Any more 
functionality that you wish to install on your page must be done with 

At 05:07 AM 10/30/2001, André Castanheira wrote:
>Is there a php command to close a window or return to the previous one ?
>André Castanheira
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