Having successfully uploaded my PHP4+MySQL site finally to Fatcow (and the
MySQL stuff IS there--thanks for the help), I'm now left with making it
actually work online.  One curious problem:

For every page in the site ("*.php4"), I include three parts, a header.inc
(common to all), a body.inc (unique to each .php4 file), and a footer.inc
(common to all).  One of the things the header.inc file does is generate
select a background image randomly.  Very simple, and it works on my local
machine.  But as soon as I look at the page online, it seems Fatcow
(Apache/Zend?)caches the header.inc file--that is, the results of the php
script inside it, which generates the random background.  I say this because
no matter how many pages I look at, refreshing them, etc., I always get sent
the same original background image.  Even if I replace now the random
background image function in header.inc with the explicit name of a
different file, it STILL displays the same one.  Weird?  Is there some way
to ensure that each PHP4 file/script is interpreted every single time, and
not cached (as it seems)??


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