OK, there goes any pretense of intelligence that I may have been able to 
muster ;-)

The AddType tag was found inside another as follows:

<IfModule mod_php4.c>

Is there some way I can check if this module is present, otherwise what 
you're saying is that the AddType isn't being executed if the <IfModule> is 
false, yes?

What a pillock. I can see this is going to be some learning curve.

Jason Brooke wrote:

> John, Jason didn't literally mean for you to search for the exact string
> '<Block>' - he was telling you to look through the various types of
> <ThisIsAnApacheDirective> tags found in your httpd.conf file, such as
> <Directory>, <File> etc etc
>> There is no <BLOCK> element in the httpd.conf. Is that where I should be
>> looking?
>> Warwick
>> Jason Murray wrote:
>> >> Hey thanks guys for the help, but it's still not happening.
>> >> Apache had already the AddType lines mentioned by y'all.
>> >
>> > It's possible the AddType lines are inside a container that
>> > will ensure they're not executed. Backtrack to the <Block>
>> > element that the AddType lines are in, and see what it does.
>> >
>> > Jason

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