Hello Guys

I have following code, sorry it's pretty big for posting,  i want to
split the output into 2 colomns, been trying almost all still can't
get it working

here the link, with this code online http://funzz.cjb.net/itfaq/kbase.php

include "mainfile.php";

$connection = mysql_connect ("", "*****", "****");
if ($connection == false){
echo mysql_errno().": ".mysql_error();
$query = "select topicid,topicname from nuke_topics order by topicname";
$result = mysql_db_query ("postnuke", $query);

if ($result){
  echo "<table border=1>";

  $numOfRows = mysql_num_rows ($result);

  for ($i = 0; $i < $numOfRows; $i++){ 
    $topicid = mysql_result ($result, $i, "topicid");
    $topicname = mysql_result ($result, $i, "topicname");

    $result1 = mysql_query("select time from nuke_stories where topic=$topicid");

    preg_match ("/([A-Z])/i", $topicname); 
    if($lastletter!=$letter)echo "<tr><td><font 

    echo "<tr><td><a href=search.php?query=&topic=$topicid>$topicname </a> 

  echo "</table>";
echo mysql_errno().": ".mysql_error()."<BR>"; 
mysql_close ();

include "footer.php";



Thank You very much, in advance

Have a nice day :-)

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