Dear Venerable PHP List,

I hope this isn't viewed as impolite on this list.  I just wanted to 
write all of you to thank you for the immeasurable contributions you 
have made to the project I've been working on for the last three 

It is a site supporting an English language literary magazine 
published here in Paris, and has new stories and articles every day.

While it is hard to see through the pretty pictures and words to the 
infinitely recursing arrays (which this list helped me debug) and the 
amazing grep challenge 2000 (which this list polished for me), we all 
know how crucial those invisible little combinations of syntax can be 
to bringing beautiful things to the surface.

Please feel free to visit the site *if you want*.  I just wanted to 
let you ALL know that even though we've never met, you've made me a 
smarter person and have helped bring the work of perhaps otherwise 
obscured talented writers and artists to the masses.

Thank You Friends,

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