How I made My First Million.

One sunday morning I opened my Outlook Mail-box and read a letter from my good friend. 
I live in a small town and I really like the way things go. Never aimed for anything 
that big. I would rather prefer a simple life. But there was something in this letter 
that subconsciously attracted me. At that time I knew not what it was. It was just a 
very simple line saying "come and see everything for yourself". There was somethign 
about this new Internet project called BeginGame and about making lots of money in no 
time. I didn't believe a single word there, but decided to take a chance and look at 
it. I went into the project's head site over at and read some of the 
texts there. As I was reading it, I thought to myself, "Maybe I could be rich too... 
why not take a chance...". I went in and got registered. After that everything went on 
really fast and before I knew it, I already had some pretty good money on my account. 
I am not a programmer, I am strictly a user, but I am amazed how easily I was able to 
make my own begingame web-site (see it over at There are 
lots of different features there: some pretty cool games, free E-Mail account, your 
own WebSite, etc. but the most interesting is the money earning system. Its done in 
such a way that one person can easily make large sum of money just giving two-three 
hours a day to it.

And now, as my bank account gets filled up with money, I can just relax myself and 
enjoy my peaceful life, spending most of the time communicating with my many new 
friends. The thing is that I am the kind of person who likes sharing his happiness 
with others. So, take your chance too, come and try it, there is no way to loose here, 
you can only gain, but this might just solve all of your problems.

Thank you for reading this letter.
Sincerely yours,

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