Ever consider reading the online manual?

First, say header("Content-type: image/png");
Second, create image.
third use ImagePNG() function
fourth, destroy image.
fifth, go directly to the php script that generates the image, then you 
will see PHP generated errors.

-Jason Garber

At 12:38 AM 10/31/2001 +0000, Luz Lopez wrote:
>Hi All
>I configured the php with thelibrary GD, zlib, jpeg and libpng, I hae a 
>program that generate a image, I can to save this png image but in my 
>borwser I can't to see this image, the browser send me to save to my hard 
>disk this image.
>I need to show this image in the browser, How can I do it?
>Thanks in Advanced,
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