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> Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 5:37 AM
> Subject: [PHP] Problem with date_format() in indirect MySQL query...
> $res = $this->query("select *, date_format(thedate, 'M d, Y') as dt,
> date_format(thedate, 'l:i p') as tm from thetable where foo = 
> '$bar'");
> Every other query I've executed in this fashion, I've been 
> successful in retrieving the results.  But, when I try doing
> something with the date_format function, when I try to print
> out the formatted date and time returned, I get the formats
> instead.
> Does anyone have any idea why, and any idea what I can do to rectify
> this?  TIA!  :)

Perhaps a quick re-read of the date_format() section of
is in order?  (Hint: the % characters mean something.)

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