> We have PHP installed as an ISAP module on our W2K IIS5 server and
> its operational with no problems - phpinfo() runs just fine.
> But - When I uncomment the php_mssql.dll extension in php.ini I get an error
> when PHP starts up saying it cannot find the .dll file.
> The extension directory is correctly set to, c:\php\extensions
> and the actual file itself is in that directory as wells as
> c:\winnt\system32 and MSSQL client libraries are loaded and operational.

I found that PHP was adding the slash between the dir name and the extension's 
filename, and that caused a
problem such as you have described - so did adding a slash as the final character. 
Here is the code that works
on my WinNT4.0/Apache set up (watch the dir diff):

extension_dir = C:/program files/php/extensions

> Cant think of anything else I need to do - does the .dll file need
> be registered with regsrvr or something ??


>  Can anybody give me some pointers please this problem is driving me nuts -
> I even tried reversing the slashes to the UNIX way !

=um, don't like the sound of that...

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