Probably a permissions problem.  Can't open a file if you don't have
permission to do so.


"Marek Wysmulek" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi all.
> I have searched almost everything on the net regarding php and windows
> focusing on one thing.
> How to include to php script started on apache on w2k external sript
> on some URL.
> Source of test script (http://mylocalhost/marek.php)
> <?
> include("";);
> ?>
> and answer viewed in browser
> "Warning: Failed opening '' for inclusion
> (include_path='') in c:\www\hermes\windykacja\marek.php on line 2"
> I know that parser sayes that include_path is not correctly set but, when
> I'm trying do the same under Linux - works perfectly. So (I'm
sure -because
> Include_path has other adaptation) it is not the reason.
> Will be wery glad for answer. Even "Leave it !" - but with explanation
> Marek.

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