Version 1.4.6
- fixed bug with {assign ...} when passing an empty value. (Monte)
- add more warning message fixes. (Monte, Tara Johnson)
- documentation updates. (Monte)
- update fetch function to give proper warning when fetching a
  non-readable or non-existant file. (Monte)
- fixed problem with newline at the end of included templates (Monte,
- added feature to regenerate cache if compile_check is enabled and an
  involved template or config file gets modified. (Monte)
- added DEBUG execution times to included files: REQUIRES updated
  debug.tpl file! (Monte)
- added support for hidden config variables that cannot be read by
  templates. (Andrei)
- added execution time to DEBUG console, total and inserts. (Monte)
- fixed bug where DEBUG console would not appear with cached content.
- added support for postfilter functions that are applied to compiled
  template right after compilation. (Andrei)
- fixed the name of clear_compile_tpl() API function to
  clear_compiled_tpl. (Andrei)
- added fix for removing comments so that the line numbers are reported
  correctly in case of errors. (patch from Anders Janson)
- made html_options output xhtml compatible code. (Monte, Arnaud


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