why? if your thinking the db may give the wrong answer, postgres does a bery
good job of this. if your super worried, well use mysql, they lock the table
when a field is being inserted, updated, or deleted. if you want todo this
for some other strange reason, do it the easy way.

- if file 'busy.tmp' doesnt exist
- - write a file 'busy
- - do something
- - delete the file
- else
- - bugger off


  Chris Lee

"Luz Lopez" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi all
> I am creating a program PHP that will be access int the web for many
> persons, this aplication will be permit to insert registry on a data base
> Postgresql, When a person this inserting a registry I need to block that
> table so that another user cannot to access the data base. Exists some
> in php to do this?
> I want to Know how can I save  information on a Data Bse that will
> be access
> for many persons at the same time.
> Thanks in advanced for yuor advices !!!
> Regards,
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