Regarding your mysql_insert_id() function:

I believe that it works on a connection by connection basis.  Therefore, if 
you execute an insert, and then call that function, you are guarenteed to 
have the correct ID.  Look up the LAST_INSERT_ID() function in the MySQL 
manual on for more information.

-Jason Garber

At 09:22 PM 11/1/2001 +0100, TD - Sales International Holland B.V. wrote:
>Hey list, i'm new to php so bare with me...
>got some questions on mysql commands. I'd like to know how the
>mysql_insert_id() function works exactly.
>First of all how reliable is it? What happens this happens:
>Table: (ID int unsigned primary key auto_increment, Stuff text, MoreStuff
>(my script)
>insert into table values(NULL, "bla", "bla")
>(some other application)
>insert into table values(NULL, "bleh", "bleh")
>(my script)
>$id = mysql_insert_id
>it's not likely that this will happen, but if the site is very/extremely
>crowded it could be that there's an insert right after mine but before me
>callind mysql_insert_id. As you might guess I'd like to know which ID will be
>returned, the one my script created or the one from the other application?
>Also what happens if my table is like this:
>Table: (Stuff text, ID int unsigned primary key auto_increment, OtherStuff
>Thus having the ID on column 2 instead of 1
>or like this
>Table: (Bla int unsigned primary key auto_increment, Stuff text, Otherstuff
>Thus the ID not having the name ID
>Or like this
>Table: (bla int unsigned primary key auto_increment, id int unsigned primary
>key auto_increment, stuff text, otherstuff text)
>Thus having 2 auto_increment columns where the 2nd one is called ID (lower
>I'm really uncertain about that and couldn't find it back in the manual....
>does it only read the first column? does this column have to be named ID,
>what if ID is another column? what if there is more than 1 auto_increment
>column in the table? what happens if some(one)/(thing) else inserts before
>calling mysql_insert_id.
>One more question (pure curiosity this one) the return value from
>mysql_query... is that ever gonna be higher than 1? I assume it can be if the
>insert affects more than 1 line right? Also my book says that the return
>value is TRUE or FALSE for every command except for an INSERT in which case
>it would be 0 on failure and higher on succes. I think that's crap? I'm
>guessing it will also return a number for UPDATE's and REPLACE's is that
>correct? Are there others?
>OK just one more thing, this is for the people from troutworks if they're
>monitoring this list. I think the translation of the PHP Bible is
>crap!!!!!!!!! Please complain about it at the translator. The guy/girl
>managed to translate (quotes) " to (comma's) , and there are a lot of other
>wrongly translated things in there, luckily the examples in there got me on
>the right path again over and over showing that the translation was incorrect
>but it's just confusing like hell. The number of mistakes is unbelievable
>(and i'm NOT talking about spelling errors, I'm talking about messy stuff
>like calling quotes comma's) and I'm 100% certain it was NOT translated by a
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