[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Daniel Harik) wrote:

 > Hello
 > I'm making vbulletin foru hack, that allows to rate members
 > my code is just 50 lines, I set link to my script from vBulletin page,
 > and after it has been clicked code executes, and then i want to return
 > user to the page where he clicked the link leading to my code, i was
 > wondering how can this be done, use REFERER and then header("Locatiom:
 > $REFERER";), will this work?

the best thing to do is register the page the user came from, using
get or post variables, because some browers dont use referers
etc. then just use a header("Location: $theUrl"); where $theUrl is the
url the user came from.

Henrik Hansen

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