On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 12:44:16PM +0100, Nikola Karovi? wrote:
> on my web site i have an option that user can add their comments about my
> articles. I have table articles, and table comments. On table comments
> column unique id (auto increment) and articleid. It displays them and sort
> coments by unique id. When i delete eg. comment number 4, next comment is
> eg.comment number 23. That new comment has unique id 23, but it is placed
> instead id comment 4, so i get:
> 1 comment
> 2 comment
> 3 comment
> 23 comment
> 4 comment
> is this wrong?

No, the database can store them internally however it wants.  If you
want your results to be in a certain order you should use the order by
clause in SQL.

Jason Stechschulte
Suppose you're working on an optimizer to render \X unnecessary (or
rather, redundant, which isn't the same thing in my book).
             -- Larry Wall in <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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