I'm having a bit of a weird problem with the date() function. I am using 
PostgreSQL to store guestbook entries and updating and displaying them with 
Apache 1.3x and PHP4 on OpenBSD. The date information is being stored 
correctly in PostgreSQL, but I'm using the date() function to format the 
date to look nice like so:

         $date=date("l F j, Y n:i a T",strtotime($data->day_time));

to achieve:

         Friday November 2, 2001 11:27 am PST

The problem comes in that the time is a few hours off. In the above 
example, the time should have been 1:27 pm PST. In addition, the time for 
all the entries is off in what appears to be a sequence. The previous entry 
is off by three hours, the one before that is four hours off, and so on.

Any ideas about what might be happening? I know haven't given a lot of 
information, nor the actual URL, but I'm hoping it's just something simple 
that I'm doing wrong.


Raymond C. Rodgers   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Home Page:      http://bbnk.dhs.org

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