Hi, thank you for your attention

This is only a sample to understand how the session work, in order to use them
in a more complex web applications
The goal is verify how to pass the var $count through each of the three pages
by the php session function

Particularly, when as usually, a client has the session/cookies disabled
Call First.php $count=1
Go to the Second.php, here $count would be always = 1 (but with session
disabled $count stay not defined)
Go to the Third.php ==>> always $count=1 (but with session disabled $count
stay not defined)
Go to the First.php $count=2 (with session disabled $count is always =1)
and go on....

1) Ok is a writing mistake
2) I delete the hidden variable 'count' in the form, but the pb is not solved
3) The final php script has more fork I had to use header("Location...)
4) Yes!!! Is only a sample :-)
5) Deleted the hidden var

Why with session enabled all is OK
and with session disabled all is KO???

Bye bye

Steve Cayford wrote:

> Don't know offhand what the problem is, but a couple thoughts:
> 1. Why are you using session_name(mysession) instead of
> session_name('mysession')?
> 2. Assuming you have register_globals on, you're trying to pass $count
> both as a session variable and a post variable. One of these is going to
> get overwritten by the other if I'm not mistaken.
> 3. Why not have the page 1 form action point directly at page 2 instead
> of being redirected through page 1? Do posted variables follow a
> redirect?
> 4. If posted variables do follow a redirect then page 1 will see that
> $submit is set and redirect to page 2, which will redirect to page 3,
> which will redirect to page 1, etc... Can you get an infinite
> redirection loop?
> 5. The form on page 1 includes a hidden count variable, page 2 and page
> 3 don't.
> What happens when you run this?
> -Steve
> On Friday, November 2, 2001, at 08:49  AM, Alessandro BOSSI wrote:

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